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Mitsubishi Deck Cranes & Winches

Hydraulic Distributors have been appointed the Australian Agent for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries & mechatronic systems deck mounted winches & cargo cranes. We have team members based in Sydney Australia that have been factory trained in Japan waiting to assisting with all aspects of your Mitsubishi cranes & deck mounted winches. From servicing to emergency repairs we are able to support your needs.

As Hydraulic Distributors is based in Sydney Australia we are 5 hours or less away from all Capital cities in Australia as well as Pacific nations like New Zealand, New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Fiji etc. In most cases Hydraulic Distributors can mobilise in 24 hours or less.

Call Hydraulic Distributors on-site hydraulic services team, we’ll do it on time and do it right.

Call us now on +61 (0) 2 4721 5544 or ENQUIRE ONLINE

Hydraulic Distrutors are the official Mitsubishi Deck and Crane specialists in Australia. They have a dedicated team purely for assitance with Mitsubishi Cranes, Winches and Deck equipment. Talk to them today and they can help you with any Hydraulic needs in Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Cranes & Winches