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Six Reasons Your Hydraulic Pump Is Making Abnormal Noises

November 9, 2021  •  Blog

Everybody likes a quiet pump – it just does its job and doesn’t break down often. Although a noisy pump is often attributed to cavitation, not every abnormal noise suggests a pump is suffe [...]

What does Disneyland and a Hydraulic Cylinder have in common?

September 21, 2021  •  Blog

When you visit an amusement park you probably aren’t giving much thought to hydraulic cylinders. While you focus on having fun, hydraulic cylinders are hard at work, controlling the rides, provi [...]

Why is my Machine Leaking Hydraulic Fluid? 8 Common Reasons You Experience an Internal or External Leak

August 30, 2021  •  Blog

When it comes to hydraulic leaks it rarely rains, it pours. And even when a leak may seem minor, it can lead to excessive maintenance and operational costs, poor performance, a lack of reliability and [...]

7 Tips For Restarting a Hydraulic Pump After an Extended Shutoff Period

July 13, 2021  •  Blog

We are all aware of the importance of regular use in the maintenance of mechanical parts. It’s the reason we run the engine and air conditioning in a car every 2-3 weeks when a vehicle is going [...]

3 Considerations When Replacing a Hydraulic Cylinder

May 31, 2021  •  Blog

Hydraulic cylinders can be found in almost every industry, ranging from the food and beverage to marine shipping and construction. Replacing a cylinder may seem like the first option to prev [...]

Service Spotlight: Marine Hydraulic Repairs

May 3, 2021  •  Blog

Hydraulic systems are used throughout the marine industry, from winches on the deck to rudders for steering, automation and control systems, deck equipment, and critical valve systems. These powerful [...]

Hydraulic oil flush

Does your Hydraulic Oil Require a Change or Flush

April 6, 2021  •  Blog

NOTE: The advice provided in this article is not intended to supplement the services of a professional. The rigors of switching hydraulic oils may not be appropriate for the average hydraulic equipmen [...]

13 Preventative Maintenance Tasks To Minimise Component Failings

February 23, 2021  •  Blog

The basic foundation to perform proper maintenance on a hydraulic system has two areas of concern. Preventive maintenance is the regular and routine maintenance of equipment and assets in or [...]

4 Ways A Hydraulic Distributors Emergency Powerpack Protects Cost And Productivity

January 18, 2021  •  Blog

1) The Hydraulic Distributors’ emergency powerpack is an independent unit that allows basic haul truck operations at a reduced speed when the main engine has failed. These operations include [...]

Example of connected hydraulic hoses

5 Factors to Consider when Selecting a Hydraulic Hose

June 9, 2020  •  Blog

Whether you are replacing an existing hose, or building a new system, you’ll need to select a hose of the correct pressure rating, diameter, and length and with the best material properties for [...]

5 Ways To (Safely) Troubleshoot Your Hydraulic Equipment

April 7, 2020  •  Blog

Machines break and malfunction all the time. We’ve all seen situations where the machine’s problem was so simple and detectable that an expensive assistance call to troubleshoot a loose ph [...]

10 Tips for Storing and Cleaning Elastomer Seals

November 4, 2019  •  Blog

Elastomer seals are built to handle a wide range of demanding hydraulic applications, however  improper storage conditions can drastically reduce a seal’s potential shelf life. A seal&rsquo [...]

3 Reasons to Select Genuine Hydraulic Parts Over Aftermarket

August 27, 2019  •  Blog

When it comes to hydraulic component repair, you may be uncertain as to whether you should purchase genuine or aftermarket parts. For example, should Dynapower motors and pumps be replaced with genuin [...]

4 Reasons Your Hydraulic Hoses are Failing (Plus the Correct Way to Find and Fix Leaks)

July 11, 2019  •  Blog

Hydraulic hoses are considered one of the major sources of maintenance intervention and unfortunately, accidents, as well. They are manufactured based on strict industrial standards, dictated by the S [...]

Hydraulic Oil and Extreme Weather Conditions: How Oil Viscosity Keeps Machinery Moving

June 25, 2019  •  Blog

What is Viscosity? Viscosity is a measure of a fluid’s resistance to flow. The ISO Viscosity Grade defines an oil’s resistance to flow at a temperature of 40c. The viscosity of any oil [...]


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