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Keep up to date with all of our latest projects and updates. As a full service hydraulic engineering, maintenance, spare parts & repair capable company we are always working on something!


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Installed PTO and Pump on Car Carrier

PTO and Pump Install on Car Carrier

March 10, 2020  •  Recent Projects

Recently our team supplied a PTO and pump install on a car carrier that had been using a 24 volt DC powerpack. Whilst completing the repairs our engineers also diagnosed and replaced a damaged hose. T [...]

50 Tonne Hydraulic Press

Cylinder Repairs on 50 Tonne Press

March 10, 2020  •  Recent Projects

This month our engineers were in the workshop repairing a hydraulic cylinder on a 50 tonne press that had been leaking. Our team later returned the cylinder to site, rectified a leaking flange on a se [...]

Truck with mounted crane

Repaired Fittings on Truck Mounted Crane

January 21, 2020  •  Recent Projects

Last fortnight the HD team removed and repaired broken fittings in the lift cylinder on an older truck mounted crane. This involved removing broken fittings from the port and manufacturing a new fitti [...]

Leak on Network Cabling Truck

January 21, 2020  •  Recent Projects

In December our engineers set to work rectifying a leak at the front and rear of a network cabling truck. This job included installing a new 27cc gear pump, solenoid valve, body, coil, reducer valve, [...]

Refitting Cylinder on Skip Bin Truck

January 21, 2020  •  Recent Projects

Last month our team removed and refitted a cylinder to a skip bin truck that had been experiencing severe hydraulic oil leakage. The job included manufacturing a new rod, supplying and installing [...]

Leak on Franna Crane

October 29, 2019  •  Recent Projects

Last week we had a Franna Crane arrive at the workshop with a suspected leak on the crane. We were able to repair the leak and replace the pipe with a hose, having the truck up and running again  [...]

Repair of 400 Tonne Press

October 21, 2019  •  Recent Projects

This month the team were called out to repair a 400 tonne press that had been experiencing issues with stalling on retraction. After the initial inspection of all three presses, the team returned to s [...]

Relief Valve Repairs on Debarker

October 14, 2019  •  Recent Projects

During October the team repaired a faulty relief valve on a debarker. The problem occurred due to the relief valve being worn and obsolete. The job involved manufacturing a special relief valve a [...]

Mitsubishi Crane Repairs in New Zealand

July 23, 2019  •  Recent Projects

In early July our engineers were called to New Zealand to investigate the slew bearings on cranes no.2 and 3 on a bulk carrier. This job included a rocking test on all four of the cranes and greasing [...]

Hunter Valley Mining Operation

May 1, 2019  •  Recent Projects

After nine years of continued use, our team serviced and upgraded a powerpack for emergency operation of the hoist and steering to prevent breakdown for a Hunter Valley mining operation. Back in 20 [...]

Bulk Carrier Crane Repairs

April 22, 2019  •  Recent Projects

In April our team were called out to New Zealand to assess and repair defects that were reported with the controls on cranes no 2 &  4, and damage to crane no. 3, on a bulk carrier. Neutral s [...]


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