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On-site hydraulic servicing, engineering & spare parts sales

Marine Hydraulic Service

Hydraulic Distributors specialise in marine hydraulic repairs on all size vessels. With many years of Navy, Cruise ships, Cargo ships and super yacht experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to solve hydraulic problems to exacting standards.

We offer on-site marine troubleshooting, repairs and preventative maintenance for all your marine hydraulic needs. Our highly experienced engineers have marine capabilities that include:

  • Fin stabilisers
  • Marine steering
  • Thrusters
  • Davits
  • Hydraulic maintenance systems
  • Specialised cylinders
  • Custom power units
  • Auto pilot hydraulics
  • Deck cranes & winches
  • Cargo hatches

The last thing anyone wants is to be out at sea and have a rudder system fail to respond to controls or be in port loading passengers and have the hydraulic passenger lift fail halfway through the job. Regular maintenance, such as filter changes, hose replacement, lubrication, cylinder resealing, and more, can keep marine hydraulic equipment performing reliably.

For Call Hydraulic Distributors on-site hydraulic services team, we’ll do it on time and do it right.

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Large industrial marine vessel docked

Marine Hydraulic Services, Repairs, Maintenance, and Customised Hydraulic Design & Installation


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