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3 Reasons to Select Genuine Hydraulic Parts Over Aftermarket

When it comes to hydraulic component repair, you may be uncertain as to whether you should purchase genuine or aftermarket parts. For example, should Dynapower motors and pumps be replaced with genuine parts or will cheaper imported products work the same? We've put together 3 reasons why genuine parts are better for your machinery.

1) Repair work is faster and simpler:
Genuine parts are easy to work with, they always fit and require no "finishing touches". Therefore, the repair work is faster and simpler.

2) Genuine parts last long and are hardly ever faulty:

Because genuine parts last long and hardly ever faulty, this makes the testing and adjustment procedures safer and reduces the risk of having to re-open overhauled units to a minimum.

3) Quality varies in aftermarket spares:

There are numerous companies that sell spare parts for almost any existing brand, with the quality ranging from superb to completely unacceptable. Some aftermarket spare parts for hydraulic components even originate from the same factories that supply the genuine article and are therefore of similar quality. In many cases however, aftermarket hydraulic parts originate from niche manufacturers and their quality can vary from poor to excellent.

Likewise, the fact that you receive a batch of excellent quality spares from a manufacturer or reseller one time does not guarantee that you will get the same quality in the next batch.

Some final words:

Going ahead with a hydraulic component repair using aftermarket or non-genuine parts without careful consideration of all the issues involved can be a costly mistake. Ultimately, as a buyer you need to make an informed decision based on the amount of money the parts will save you if they live up to expectations, versus what it will cost you if they don't. If you save $500 now buying an aftermarket part that breaks down 50% earlier, how much will the downtime cost you in productivity while awaiting parts and repairs?

At Hydraulic Distributors we supply genuine Dynapower motors and pumps. With many of our parts already in stock, and only a 1-2 week turn around for parts that need ordering in, your machinery will be up and running again in minimal time. 

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