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Business Relocation

After 35 years being based out of Penrith, Hydraulic Distributors has relocated to a new North Western Sydney premises. As of Monday 31st of August 2020 Hydraulic Distributors has been operating from our new premises at 49 Wellington St, Riverstone NSW 2765. 

We’re looking forward to this new and exciting chapter for the business. For many of our employees the relocation means less time on the road travelling and more time spent with family. Additionally, as the business has developed and adapted over the years our facilities requirements have shifted as well, so we are pleased that our new premises will offer a more suitable layout for these needs.

Although we regret we may no longer be just around the corner for some customers, we are always happy to take enquiries online or over the phone. With over 20,000 products and same day and overnight shipping to Australia for all stocked items, no matter the location, we will have your hydraulic needs covered.

Please note we will no longer be utilising our PO Box, so please direct all mail to our address at Riverstone. 


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