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Luxury & Super Yachts

So much of a yacht relies on hydraulic systems to run safely and efficiently, from steering systems and stabilisers, to swimming platforms, balconies and other boarding equipment.

It is important to routinely maintain all hydraulic equipment to ensure the safety of all aboard the vessel, and to prevent costly or potentially dangerous situations.

At Hydraulic Distributors we specialise in marine hydraulic repairs on all size vessels. When it comes to luxury and super yachts we have the knowledge and expertise to solve hydraulic problems to exacting standards.

The two maintenance requests we most frequently receive from yacht owners are for swim platforms and rear garage door sealings, which our engineers are typically able to mobilise in 24 hours or less.

With over 50 years' combined experience, we are able to provide a wide range of marine hydraulic services including stabiliser and thruster hydraulics, specialised cylinders, hydraulic hoses, hydraulic maintenance systems, cargo hatches, custom power units, autopilot hydraulics, marine steering and more.

How do we determine where a fault is within a hydraulic system? With any fault finding, if you break the system down into manageable areas you can identify the location of the fault. The basic components to any hydraulic system are:

  1. The prime mover (engine, electric motor)
  2. Hydraulic pump pressure & flow
  3. Control gear
  4. Relief valve system pressure
  5. Motor or cylinder etc


As part of the troubleshooting process it would generally be recommended to check the oil and send a sample to send away for testing. It would also be important to keep an eye on the cooling systems, oil temperature, steering oil levels and/or signs of air in the lines.

As marine hydraulic systems control so much of a superyacht’s function, it can be helpful to keep them consistent in terms of the supplier, and the number of systems on board.

At Hydraulic Distributors have the ability to review your system and offer recommendations for servicing, cleanliness, routine maintenance recommendations or re-design for all your hydraulic systems. With over 20,000 line items and 2,500 items in stock, we have your marine hydraulic parts covered.

With our extensive knowledge and experience, we are confident that we will provide first-class support to your vessel.

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Super Yacht Hydraulic Services, Repairs, Maintenance, and Customised Hydraulic Design


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