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4 Ways A Hydraulic Distributors Emergency Powerpack Protects Cost And Productivity

1) The Hydraulic Distributors’ emergency powerpack is an independent unit that allows basic haul truck operations at a reduced speed when the main engine has failed.

These operations include tipping a full load and steering the vehicle. An example of when our emergency powerpack has gotten a client out of a tight situation is when their haul truck had broken down on a narrow part of the haul road. Previously our clients would have had to bulldoze a whole new road to let the remaining vehicles past to keep production going or take a second haul truck offline to tow the broken down haul truck. However, with the powerpack our clients were able to move the vehicle to allow continued flow on the road.

2) The use of our powerpack eliminates the need for pulling another haul truck offline to tow the broken down haul truck, as well are removing the risk of cross contamination associated with interconnecting the hydraulics of two trucks.

On a mining site a few hours of downtime can equate to millions of dollars in lost revenue. Being able to immediately move a haul truck, without waiting for a second haul truck to become available to assist, can massively increase productivity. With the Hydraulic Distributors powerpack the broken down haul truck can now be towed by a bulldozer, a grader or other machinery you may have available.

The Hydraulic Distributors powerpack also eliminates the risk of cross contamination, as typically when a second haul truck is used to tow the first broken down vehicle this is done by interconnecting the hydraulics.

3) Each power unit is custom designed to suit most mobile applications and adapted to fit each type of vehicle.

Whilst it is a universal power unit, each powerpack has unique mounting that has been adapted to fit each type of vehicle.

4) The emergency powerpack fits inside a custom built container and can be mounted in as little as two hours.

Our powerpacks are designed to fit inside a custom built container that can be carried by a forklift. They can then be assembled to the broken down haul truck using a forklift or a small crane. The Hydraulic Distributors  powerpack can be mounted and installed to a vehicle in as little as two hours.

Our engineers are able to custom design, manufacture and install emergency powerpacks for earthmoving equipment, heavy shipping and general industry. Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can keep your business moving.




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